Citizen Wrist Watches

citizen watch

If I were to ask you to produce watch brand names that you practically see through the passage of time so that they seem eternal, what would the name be?

For me, the name would be Citizen.

It’s the truth, Citizen wrist watches seem to be there at every page of time, even though the company started not even a full century ago, at 1918 as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. It was several decades still, at 1930 when the Shokosha Watch Research Institute made an official name change to Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

The Swatch Group Ltd may be the biggest watch manufacturer in the world, garnering about 25% of the world sales, but Citizen Watch Co., Ltd is the world’s largest direct watch producer. In fact last 1997; Citizen Watch Co., Ltd had listed 311 million Citizen wrist watches, about 25% of the world total in wrist watches produced, that went out of the production facility. And because Citizen wrist watches are catered to the general public without any particular demographic to please, many people had depend on Citizen wrist watches. That over the years Citizen became the only watch brand name that had achieved the status of immortality.

That’s why, putting it mildly, practically everyone must have heard of a Citizen.

One of the best selling design of Citizen wrist watches are the Citizen Eco Drive watches. This popular line of “powered by light” (or solar) watches were a novelty feature when they were released in 1995. Powered by light and at the same time supplemented by an automatic quartz power source, typically a lithium ion battery, the Citizen Eco Drives become the most long lasting watch. It is said to last 2 years more than the standard battery lifetime of 1 year of any regular battery watch. Here are some Citizen Eco Drives in the market.

Citizen Eco Drive Aqualand

It is solar powered and capable of 60 days on its own power reserve. A diving watch that has 200 meter water resistance, 125 feet depth display and has maximum depth memory, one way rotating Bezel dial, chronograph of 50 minutes, 12/24 hour format capability and a date feature, and a low charge indicator. The Citizen Eco Drive Aqualand is a good overall watch that fits practically any situation. Prices range from $300 to $360.

One of the popular designs of Citizen wrist watches is the Blue Angels line, a Citizen watch with a Blue Angels theme. Like the United States Navy’s Blue Angels, the Blue Angel wrist watch from Citizen features the same colors. It also uses the Citizen Eco Drives solar capability.