Concord Watches: The Zenith of Luxury Watches

concord watches

One of the most popular brands of fine, luxury end watches is Concord.

Concord began its roots in the early 1900’s in Bienne, Switzerland. The founders of the company wanted to make watches of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. They also wanted to create movements that would permit then a great leeway in the design of the case.

After 15 years of hard work and research, the founders were able to produce the first private label luxury watch. From then on, Concord watches grew in popularity.

Aside from being beautiful luxury watches, Concord watches are statements of innovation. A perfect example would be the Concord Delirium which was launched in 1979. The Concord Delirium was the thinnest analog watch every manufactured, with a total thickness of only 1.98 millimeter.

In 1980, the company surpassed its own record by making another Concord watch which is barely 1 millimeter long. The Concord Delirium IV is presently the world’s thinnest watch and the record is still unchallenged today.

Excellent quality, craftsmanship and materials are the standard of any Concord watch. Each watch has either a fine Swizz quartz or mechanical movement. Each case is made of either solid gold or surgical steel. Each part and detail is hand polished and pressure tested at least twice.

A perfect example of a Concord watch is exceptionally designed Saratoga Exor. The unique thing about this watch is that it is transparent. That means the persin can actually see the workings of the watch while wearing it! This is possible because its highly complex skeletonized movement, tourbillon, minute repeater and platinum base are sandwiched between two sapphire crystals. As a result, this Concord watch is one of the most expensive watches ever produced.

Another excellent Concord watch is the Concord Impresario Chronograph. Like the Exor, the sapphire crystal allows the wearer to see the inner workings of the watch. What is remarkable about this watch is that it is the world’s first automatic watch capable of measuring time to 1/10th of a second, a feature normally done only by digital clocks. Through its transparent case, the wearer can actually see the balance wheel and hairspring beat at 36,000 vibrations per hour! The exceptional performance of the watch earned the company a coveted certification from the C.O.S.C. Horological Authority.

Each Concord watch comes together with a 3 year warranty.

Concord watches are among the top caliber companies in the watch industry. Wearing a Concord will give the notion that you are on the top of everything.