Designer Watches

designer watches

Even in the course of history, watches are at all times an invariable show of affluence, even though it’s basically a timepiece and a necessity. Top quality watches, designer watches that carry proudly a name or a mark of a prominent manufacturer became markers for wealth.

Such point of view still carries to this day, watches are still viewed by many to be a mark of an individual’s prestige, affluence or both. Designer watches, in the vein of Tag Heuer watch, Rolex, Blancpain, Invicta, Omega, and all those watches that have readily recognizable names are the mark of the characters wearing them. Some would even claim that they can tell an individual’s personality just by checking his watch. But as far as the majority’s point of view, those that wear a Rolex or a Blancpain are individuals that have excesses, and are vain; those individuals that wear an Omega or a Tissot have a good taste and are quite successful in life; those individuals that sport a Swatch (brand name of a line) or a Citizen are either cheapskate or are still non-earners. Yes, it’s to a certain extent discriminating collectively, but it’s pretty accurate.

So what are those designer watches? From what was stated, anyone can easily discern that the designer watches aimed for the general public includes (but not limited to) the Seiko watches, Citizen watches and Swatch watches. While these brand name designer watches might be seen as too mainstream, they are well recognized for a good reason = that they satisfy demand of the general demographic. Citizen and Swatch, most especially, have been producing designer watches that became very popular, due to ist price in proportion to its quality. Citizen is one of the world’s largest watch producers, owning perhaps 25% of the total number of watches produced annually. The Swatch brand name of the Swatch Group is also a popular set though not as prevalent as Citizen. Seiko is another Japanese wacth manufacturer though not as widespread as Citizen, although very popular in Asian countries.

Second tiered designer watch includes (but again, not limited to) Tissot, Omega, Tag Heuer, and Fortis. These designer watches are prevalent with many sports stars, celebrity personalities, and reputable personalities. Such as Tiger Woods and Yao Ming with Tag Heuer (wherein both were ambassadors to their respective sports of golf and basketball) designer watches.

Luxury items like Rolex and Blancpain are designer watches of their own right. They are heavily exclusive, very limited, and cater to only the highest tier of the demographics. Although Rolex had started reaching out to lower demographics without sacrificing quality, they’re still too expensive to capture the interest of the mainstream.