Fashionable Watches

Due to undeniable workmanship on the part of Swiss watch makers, the time tradition of knowing (or realizing) that the watches made by Swiss makers are always top class, the resulting prestige that accompanies every Swiss timepiece is just as understandable. Fashionable watches seem to grow out of the Swiss soil –and no one can say differently, since among the best and most coveted brand names of luxury watches, including (but not limited to) Rolex, Tissot, Omega, and Blancpain, carry the convention label “Swiss Made”.

It seems that fashionable watches you have got if it carry the “Swiss Made” label, though for some the degree of vanity might not be enough. That is because, there are some, like those serious enthusiasts, can tell the direct value of an item. So is class, a Rolex or a Blancpain? It depends entirely, but the process of acquiring a Rolex makes it the more “luxury” item.

The underlying schema of acquiring a Rolex is really one of the most wicked I see, maybe that’s why Rolex still tops the food chain as far as fashionable watches go. For example, to get a stainless steel Rolex Daytona, buyers have wait for years to get their model, a waiting list that is maintained by Rolex themselves. What opportunistic and scrupulous merchants then do is make pre-orders of several units beforehand, oftentimes years early so that they get theirs first then resell them at inflated prices. The price for a genuine Rolex Daytona, white gold Cosmograph is around $15,000, though it could easily reach beyond $20k through reselling.

Going a similar route, Blancpain is also one of those hard to acquire fashionable watches, hence it is also very expensive. One of their watches, the most intricate mechanical watches ever made was the Blancpain 1735 which was produced in limited edition at only 30 pieces; and only one Blancpain 1735 is made per year.

A typical Blancpain is around $10,000, though some models can go cheap at $5000 and also can go very expensive at $20,000. Blancpain is considered the most exclusive fashionable wrist watches of the Swatch Group, strictly a luxury item with a remarkable slogan that says Blancpain will never will, nor have they ever manufactured quartz watches or watches that have digital displays.

Fashionable watches can mean, however, a watch that’s remarkably made. With such context on the line, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Watches from the western manufacturer Invicta is also one of the most fashionable watches, albeit aimed at the middle-class demographics. These watches from Invicta are a prime example of well made all around watch that anyone can depend on.