Geneva Watches: The Epitome of Traditional Watch Making

geneva watches

At the advent of analog quartz technology in the late 1980’s, a brand new product of watches were manufactured as GQI Geneva Quartz.

The company aimed to incorporate the tried and tested Swiss method in making watches, utilizing a high quality of standard and craftsmanship, while keeping the price low enough to be affordable. The result of this endeavor was the release of this line of watches.

Geneva watches are excellent timepieces. The beautiful designs are reflective of age proven European style, from Classical to Art Deco to Nuevo Avante Garde.

The company sticks to reliable and proven methods of watch making. Geneva watches are manufactured using a long standing watch making technique. However, this should not discourage a buyer just because Geneva watches are somewhat traditional when it comes to producing them.

That’s because Geneva watches are made using the best materials that the watch making industry can offer. Managed by the company’s founder, Dr. H.R. Saedi, the design and development of Geneva watches makes use of the latest watch making instruments and machinery of today.

Every part, detail and component of a Geneva watch is thoroughly inspected, examined and tested. After each part passes the standards test, they are put together by a highly skilled expert watch maker. In fact, the final movement has to go through a rigorous series of production and quality control process before it is deemed ready for incorporation into a case. When the movement has passed all the details in this procedure, it is then fitted in a case that is etched in laser, bearing the company founder’s signature. Special care and consideration is taken to make sure that the case, dial, hands, crystal faces and bands are matched perfectly.

Geneva watches are beautiful as a consequence of a heartily embraced, strictly controlled manufacturing and development process. The company also continually researches the market, trying to find out the preferences of the consumer in a watch while keeping an eye on various colors blending and materials to come up with the best design.

As a result, Geneva watches almost always never fail to please the wearers. Customer can choose from their Extra Value, Exclusive, Sports, High Fashion and Ladies collection. All their watches come in with a one year warranty.

Geneva watches can be bought from retailers all over the world. However, one has to be careful of fake Geneva watches. Genuine ones sport a laser etched signature of the founder itself.

If you want a traditional look, then Geneva is the watch for you.