Invicta Wrist Watches

invicta watches

Tell me, what do you want find in your watch?

One of the best aspects you want to find on your watch, I would like to guess, are the tell tale signs of the horological skills employed during the make.

Do you see enough of those dials? So that you can tell if they printed casually a.k.a. low grade manufacturing usual on low quality watches? Or are they ready made pieces slapped together, with bits and pieces sticking out (the usual signature of a slapdash assembly plant in some Far East)? Or are they meticulously detailed that even the pieces seem to grow from the next material? If you have an Invicta wrist watches, you’ll know the difference horological skills make.

That’s one of the finest aspects of Invicta wrist watches – their capacity to convey class without the accompanying moneybags. Invicta wrist watches aren’t luxury watches, mind you, although their category of class could very well rival any leading brand names in sheer quality.

Seeing an Invicta will surely let you realize a watch with a solid value and a watch that don’t have. Here are some aspects you would find on Invicta wrist watches.

1. Solid surgical steel. As you know there are several grades of steel, and the 316L is one of the finest. Invicta exclusively use 316L steel for the Invicta wrist watches, and you should know too, that stainless steel watches are the modestly priced watch. It’s not fair if you were to buy a steel watch whose steel aren’t of 316L grade.

2. Check the links. See if it’s made solidly, or it’s made to “look” solid. You can tell be checking the seams and the gaps and everything. Faux solid links are metal strips formed as links. They should have curled ends at the back, much like a staple when it closes.

3. Check the details. Have you encountered a watch that has its numerals falling off? Equally annoying and embarrassing. This is what happens when you buy a watch you’re not sure of the make and the origin. Watch manufacturers’ common practice nowadays is offshoring. While it makes a commendable investment to the manufacturer’s side, it might not go well with the consumer’s side, since quality might not be observed during the manufacturing process. Invicta resolves all that by keeping in touch with all its production facilities and releases products check thoroughly for its quality.

Invicta is one of those brand names that testament to the fact that not every top class watch should carry the label “Swiss Made”. Though Invicta was a Swiss watch making company when founded in 1837, it is very much an American company now with a standard that can compete with the excellence set upon by Swiss watchmakers.