Ladies’ Watches: Styles and Brands

Jo-B / Pixabay

Watches these days are no longer regarded as functional timepieces but have evolved to become one of the essential fashion accessories for both men and women. For ladies in particular, long before the introduction of wristwatches, the famous ladies’ watches were mainly worn as a pendant with long chains that hung around the neck. Over the years, the fashion of trendy timepieces has eventually developed to adorn the dainty wrists of ladies. There are a plethora of stylish selections of watches readily available today, in every possible shape, size and every imaginable color that would make any watch enthusiast smile in sheer excitement.

Since watches are basically considered part of the jewelry collection, every women should have at least two types that can be used on a regular basis to complement different fashion ensembles: dress watches and utilitarian watches. While you might be astounded with the wide array of watches to choose from, it’’s best to invest in some of the famous ladies’ watches with designer brands that usually offer a perfect compromise of both form and function. This may seem like a fit of extravagance, but it most definitely one of the sound investments that every woman should consider.

Among the world famous ladies watches that should have it to the every girl’s must-have list includes Fendi, Cartier, Gucci, Anne Klein, and Movado, just to name a few. There are many other designer brands in the market today that you can look into ranging from the sleek and classy watches to the ultra elegant jewel-encrusted timepieces.  Among the famous ladies watches brands for should be coordinated with the rest of your sportswear are Nike, Casio, Speedo and Polar. More often than not, these sports watches have digital dials, so you can easily check the time even if you are need to be on keep a breakneck pace. Some of the latest innovative design of the famous ladies’ watches for sports use incorporates a heart rate monitor, a data recorder with water resistance features and light graphite for ease of use.

Of course if you have that casual leather watch for daily use, it wouldn’t go quite well if you are wearing a gown, right? While you might not be Cinderella that should keep track of your midnight curfew, a dress watch is simply a must, especially if you don’t have the right cuffs or bracelets to complement you particular dress color. Fossil is among the famous ladies’ watches brand that offers the sleek classy look that practically reek understated elegance at the same time a highly functional timepiece that can last for years.

So start building up that decent watch collection that you can mix and match with the rests of your wardrobe and start choosing with a more discerning eye for quality and detail.