The Timeless Beauty of Skagen Watches

In 1987, a couple from Copenhagen, Denmark named Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the US. They came to the US to establish their own business.

The couple’s business idea centered on the theme and atmosphere of a small but beautiful fishing place called Skagen. Skagen is located at the northernmost part of a Danish peninsula. This fishing village is known for its unique natural charm. Here, the natural scene is so compellingly beautiful that artists visit this place just to capture the scene to their canvasses.

Mr. and Mrs. Jolt wanted to capture the essence of the beauty of Skagen in their products. They named their company Skagen Designs, in honor of the fishing village. All of Skagen Designs products are elegant and of high. Skagen Design products include sunglasses, clocks and pens. The company also designs beautiful watches.

Skagen watches are uniquely Danish in design. Sleek and contemporary, Skagen watches have their quartz movements encased in solid stainless steel or solid titanium cases. Many of the watches have backs that can screw on. Several models of Skagen watches also feature luminous hands, date windows, accurate chronograph and multifunction dials.

Skagen watches are also very durable. The mechanisms inside the watches are made of precision Japanese quartz movements. For their crystal faces, Skagen watches use mineral crystals which can resist scratches.

Their bands are also tough as they are beautiful. The bands of their watches are made of several materials such as stainless steel, titanium, high-quality leather and water proof rubber. With all these features, one might think that Skagen watches are expensive. They might think that the company’s status might rival those of Rolex or Rado. Surprisingly, Skagen watches are affordable given their unique design and high quality manufacturing. The prices range from about $85 to $175 .Another good thing about the company is that they offer a lifetime warranty for people who bought their watches.

Recently, Skagen introduced their new Team CSC Watch Collection. The collection features six new designs that are specifically made for this professional cyclist team. The watches are made of ultra lightweight but durable titanium cases and water resistant straps. Ivan Basso, one of Team CSCs champions, had his signature embedded on the dials and the case backs of two of the new styles. Those two styles were dubbed Ivan Basso Red Signature Edition and Ivan Basso Yellow Signature Edition.

Skagen watches can easily be brought from their retailers in the internet. When you wear a Skagen watch, you can be sure that you are also experiencing the spirit of Denmark.