The Unique Jacob Watches

jacob watches

Raised in Russia in his early years, Jacob Arabo has a strong ardor for jewelry. At the age of 16, he transferred and lived in the US and studied jewelry design. Soon after, he began designing pieces for some jewelry companies and clients in New York’s Diamond District.

In 1986, Jacob established his own company and started creating products with his own brand, which is named after him. He was very successful in the jewelry industry. Some of his clients were celebrities like Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige.

Being successful in the field of jewelry, Jacob decided to expand his products to timepieces. In 2002, Five Time Zone watch collection was born, his first entry into the watch market. The designs of his watches were inspired by travel filled habits of his high profile clients like Sir Elton John, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Bono of the U2 band and Naomi Campbell among others.

The first designs for Jacob watches were accentuated with bold primary colors. Furthermore, these Jacob watches were incorporated with multiple time technology. The designs rapidly captured the heart of many people.

The Five Time Zone collection is the heart of the Jacob watch line. As time passed by, subsequent Five Time Zone models were colored in pastel colors. Others were incorporated with diamond accents.

One of the most creative models in the Five Time Zone collection and arguably the best is “The World Is Yours” model. This Jacob watch has a unique diamond dial. This dial can be turned into a world map through the use of colored diamonds that are patterned to represent the world’s continents and oceans. This unique watch is presently contesting other designs to acquire the prestigious Design Award by Travel and Leisure. This award is voted by the world’s foremost creators of watches and other fashion items.

Another innovative design for Jacob watches is for its H24 Five Time Zone Automatic and the World GMT. These Jacob watches are the company’s first non-diamond timepieces. These models can tell time in 5 to 32 cities, made possible by a single movement. These Jacob watches are made of metallic materials such as stainless steel, platinum, and white gold.

Another ‘world first’ that the company has produced is the limited edition Rainbow Tourbillon. This Jacob watch incorporates a tourbillon device with the company’s signature multiple time zone function. It is available in both diamond and non-diamond versions.

For Mr. Jacob Arabo, his daring endeavor into penetrating the luxury watch market was a one of a kind achievement.