Three Types of Watches

Watches are devices for timekeeping that displays the exact time of the day and oftentimes, the day, date and year. In the past, they are in the form of pocket watches which are rarely carried today. Now, watches are more than timepieces. They are part of fashion.

There are three kinds of watches that one can choose:

Photoshot / Pixabay

The first kind of watch is the mechanical watch. They are some of the most beautiful and complicated watches in the world. Usually, they are quite expensive due to the materials that compose them and the precise workmanship needed for manufacturing each watch. They are most often regarded as jewelry than timepieces.

A mechanical watch consists of three main parts. The escapement is a mechanism that controls and limits the unwinding of the watch. The second part, balance wheel, provides contact movement based on inertia. Finally, the tourbillon cancels or reduces the bias to the timekeeping of gravitational origin.

It is important not to drop or subject mechanical watches to hard impact. The mechanisms inside are aligned very delicately and can easily dislodge themselves upon impact.

The second kind of watch is the analog quartz watch which originated in Japan. These watches are more precise compared to mechanical watches. The most popular analog quartz watches are those made by Seiko and Citizen.

The mechanism of this kind of watch is similar to that of mechanical watches. However, an analog quart watch uses piezoelectric oscillation of quartz crystals to power its operation. Also, the absence of a tuning fork and wound spring makes it more shock resistant than mechanical watches. However, its gears are prone to being stuck or dislodged. An analog quartz watch is not as tough as a digital LED watch.

The third kind of watch and the newest ones are digital LED display watches. These watches were introduced in 1970s and were very expensive until 5 years later.

The time and other details are displayed through a liquid crystal display screen. The timekeeping mechanism in this kind of watch is electronic. There are no moving parts but the watch requires batteries to run.

Today, as technology advanced, digital LCD watches have additional features such as allowing the wearer to download files from a computer. However, no matter how advanced or expensive they are, digital watches are regarded to be mere timepieces and not jewelry, unlike mechanical or quartz analog watches.

The kind of watch that one would like to acquire depends on their preference. If it is just practicality, then he’s better off with digital watches. But if he wants to be a fashion statement, then mechanical and quartz analog watches are the way to go.