Tissot Wrist Watches

Due to the long-standing convention of Swiss watchmakers to label their watches significantly –without fail, and due to the long-standing excellence found on these Swiss watches, the tag Swiss Made had become but an undying representation of the Swiss brilliance in timepiece manufacturing.

All thanks to Swiss watchmakers like Tissot.

For over 150 years, Tissot leads the Swiss watch making industry in innovation and workmanship, building up the daunting confidence in Swiss watches that’s so established today. The Tissot wrist watches uses only the best clockwork movements available in the ETA SA Horlogère Suisse Manufacture; only the premier quality resources like the 316L for steel, 18K for gold, titanium, and scratchproof highly durable sapphire crystal glasses, which is at least 2200 in Vickers scale. The Tissot wrist watches are extremely water proof at least 30m and on some dedicated Tissot wrist watches, up to 300m.

And because of the Tissot wrist watches’ longevity, customer service like spare parts, and repair service are offered for 10 years span, practically forever on your ownership of the Tissot. That is their excellence guarantee.

In the field of sports, Tissot offers performance in precision. Take for instance the Tissot T-Touch NASCAR. In racing, such as the NASCAR, being able to measure even the tiniest hundredths of a second is indispensably important. With the Tissot T-Touch NASCAR’s touch sensitive chronograph, Tissot wrist watches offer the most accurate timing, while also featuring other essential functions like compass, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, chronograph and alarm.

As a trend setter, Tissot wrist watches has the flower power, a uniquely designed enamel bezel watch that gradually unfolds. It is a perfect timepiece to lift the spirits of its wearers, and available in 6 different pastel colors. The Tissot Cocktail Classic yet adds another chapter to Tissot’s magnificent line of Tissot Cocktail Collection. This time, the Tissot Cocktail Classic comes with an elegant thin H link bracelet that further enhances its slim appeal. The original bangle bracelet is also available.

Old ways are still indispensable; that’s why the Heritage 1952 Tissot wrist watches are still available. Elegant and stylish while yet ascetic, the Heritage 1952 is a perfect example of an eternal design. Features stainless steel, 30 meters water resistance, mon reflective, scratch resistant coating and glass, silver Opalin dial and roman numerals, if James Bond would wear a watch, this Tissot won’t look out of place.

Remember, all Tissot wrist watches are constructed of excellence. Such trust can be explained on their length of warranty, because the watchmakers of Tissot had assured that at most, it will be a full decade before a Tissot would require service.